How to commute to Akame 48 Waterfalls | DIY Day Tour, Overnight Travel Guide Akameguchi | Japan | 2023

Akame 48 Waterfalls, Akameguchi

Many who plan in going to Japan will immediately think of going to where most tourists would go. What if I tell you that there is a hidden Paradise in Mie Prefecture that is worth the time to explore if you are the adventurous type. This place is called AKAME 48 Waterfalls in Nabari, Mie Prefecture 赤目四十八滝.

Let me share with you our wonderful journey from Nara to Akame 48 Falls to Ninja City in Iga Ryu

Travelling today or planning for a commute to Akame 48 Waterfalls? Learn more about Akame 48 Waterfalls Bus Schedule, itinerary and how to go to Akame 48 falls from Osaka.

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Akame 48 Itinerary

We planned our first day in Japan to be more of an adventure outside the city. Our Akame 48 Itinerary included a short trip from Osaka to Nara, then to Akame 48 to see the waterfalls and experience the Giant Salamander and Ninja Training. In the afternoon, we headed to Iga Ryu to visit the Ninja City.

This is our Itinerary

5:00 – Walk from Hotel to Osaka Namba Station
5:30 – Take train to Nara via the Kintetsu Namba-Nara Line
6:30 – Arrive in Nara Station, Wander in Nara deer park


The train from Osaka to Nara took 1 hour. We only had 1 hour to spend in Nara. We walked around the deer park and had some morning coffee in the park. The temperature was around 10 degrees during that time so a hot coffee is enough to keep us warm. We did not go to Todai-ji temple yet because it won’t open until 8am and we still had to catch the first bus to Akame falls at 10am.

8:00 – Take train from Nara Station to Yamatosaidaiji via the Kintetsu Line
8:30 – Take Train from Yamatosaidaiji to Akameguchi station
9:45 – Arrive in Akameguchi, Take Bus to Akame 48 Falls
10:15 – Arrive in Akame 48 Falls

Akame 48 Water Falls

Akame 48 waterfalls is a series of 25 falls along a paved path good for adventure loving travelers. According to the locals, the 48 in the name is used to describe the many vows taken by bodhisattvas and not the literal number of falls. Apart from the waterfalls you can experience the GIANT SALAMANDERS and NINJA training.

Once you drop off the bus, you will arrive at this sign post in Akame 48

Continue walking up to the entrance of the falls and you will be asked to pay for the entrance of ¥400 which includes the entrance to the salamander museum. The office was closed so we did not pay any entrance fee.

There were more falls along the way but we ran out of time as we took many pictures along the way. We had to return back to the bus station as we need to head to our next stop in NINJA CITY in Iga, still in Mie Prefecture.

Apparently, we missed the bus so we had to wait for the bus to return.

2:30 – Take bus back to Akameguchi
3:00 – Train to Uenoshi Station
4:00 – Uenoshi to Otaguchi (Iga)
4:10 – Arrive in Ninja Museum of Iga Ryu

Unfortunately, Ninja city was closed off due to the covid restrictions so we were not able to enter so we just happily strolled the area and enjoyed Ninja City.

5:30 – Train back to Osaka Namba
7:30 – Arrive in Namba, back to Hotel, Dinner

How to go to Akame 48 Falls?

Akame 48 Falls is located in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture. To commute to Akame 48 waterfalls, ride a train from Osaka (90mins or 75mins if using the Kintetsu Limited Express), Nara (90 mins) and Kyoto (90 mins) going to Akameguchi Station. Once you are in then ride a bus to Akame 48

If you are using the Kintetsu Rail Pass, you can use this route

Route A: From Osaka-Namba Station take the Kintetsu-Nara Line going to Tsuruhashi Station and change to Kintetsu-Osaka Line going to AKAMEGUCHI STATION. Travel time is 90mins

Route B:
From Osaka-Namba Station Take Kintetsu-Nara Line to Yamato-Saidaiji Station. You can explore Nara station deer park. You can go back to Yamato-Saidaiji Station once you are finished exploring and take Kintetsu-Kashihara Line going to Yamato-Yagi Station, then transfer to Kintetsu-Osaka line going to AKAMEGUCHI STATION. Total trip is 95mins

Akame 48 Falls Route Map

Bus Schedule to Akame 48

The Bus to Akame 48 has schedule of every 30 mins but depends on the season where some trips are removed. The cost for a one way trip is 360 Yen. Check on the schedule below.

Akame 48 Bus ScheduleDeparture
Week days:10:00AM, 10:25AM(+), 10:55AM(+),
1:15PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM(+),
3:15PM(*), 3:30PM(+).
Saturdays9:00AM(+), 9:30AM(+), 9:55AM,
10:25AM, 10:55AM, 11:55AM(+),
1:15PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM(+),
3:15PM(*), 3:30PM(+), 4:00PM(+)
Sundays and other special days9:00AM(+), 9:30AM(+), 9:55AM,
10:25AM, 10:55AM, 11:55AM(+),
1:15PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM(+),
3:15PM, 3:30PM(+), 4:00PM(+)
Akame 48 Bus Schedule

(*) Those bus ride only from December March included.
(+) Those bus ride only from April  to November included.

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